Music & Creative Videos

The PlanetOther team is passionate about placing the spotlight on creatives in their element and helping them share their art with the world. We work with artists to map out a comprehensive vision for each project, and collaborate during the shoot to produce powerful video that’s true to the individual artist’s style. Tone, delivery, music style, setting, costume, props and scripting are all taken into account in building the most impactful, authentic video possible to showcase your work.

We shoot music videos, promotional artist videos (for example: the announcement of a new single or a new book), footage of live art events and performances, and more. Have a concept for a creative video in your mind? Contact us to start the conversation surrounding your vision, included in your free estimate.

We’re especially invested in supporting local artists in the Lancaster, Palmdale area, growing our local art scene and making our residents proud. Previous work includes music video creation for DOPE ASHAD, The Downsides, and JUNE.