Transmission Log

It’s the golden age of video camera technology (and why it doesn’t matter).

From Celluloid Film to 4k Believe it or not, filmmaking is still considered a new art form; debuting over a century ago with celluloid film and cameras that were hand cranked. It was a strenuous process to shoot and edit. Not to mentioned, expensive. Today, we are given so many capable options, it’s really hard…

Transmission Log Updates

PlanetOther is on this website called YouTube!

Humans like videos, and they like the internet! Videos are played on the internet on a website called YouTube! PlanetOther makes videos, they are on YouTube now!  PlanetOther is utilizing YouTube as both a show reel for the services we provide; but also as an outlet for creative content in the form of in-house shows.…

Post-Production Transmission Log

Video Editing Organization/Workflow (Premiere Pro)

You’ve worked with like-minded people towards a common goal: to create a film/video that will be shared with the world. It’s a fulfilling accomplishment. But now production is over, and it’s time to edit. If you are on a low-budget project, it’ll likely be you doing it. Much like a digital artist and blank Photoshop…